A Day on the Farm is a video game published by Vtech and vsmile baby. A "Smartridge" for the V.Smile Baby Infant Development System (a special V.Smile unit made for toddlers and young children.)


  • Farmer Girl
  • Corn
  • Michael The Horse
  • Yanira The Baby Horse
  • Melissa The Pig
  • Julie The Baby Pig (after Promo)
  • Hamm The Cow
  • Jess The Baby Cow
  • Marlee The Dog
  • Lara The Baby Dog
  • Benny The Sheep
  • Genesis The Baby Sheep
  • Mitzi The Hen
  • Jesenia The Baby Hen
  • David The Chick
  • Jane The Baby Chick

Discovery Kids Latin America Promo (2007)

Featuring Farms of Farmer, Corn, Horse & Sheep.